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Our Touch Points :

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  • BrandingComing across brand campaigns, devices to be targeted, opportunities to meet audience on search platforms, and to communicate with them through display ads. We put you in an advantageous positions by` enhancing your brand' presence, ensuring success and polishing brand recognition. We respect your goals and assure you profits.

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  • Performance At Adfusion, we analyse each received campaign and adjust marketing efforts to our clients requirements. Our advanced algorithmic approach and tracking system maintains the flexibility to work and monetization in return. We envision an informative, and highly relevant service and we steep ahead visualising ourselves closer to the attempt.

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  • Mobile MarketingWith the mobile marketing aide raising competition, advertisers are getting informative and more inclined to the arena in order to manage their mobile marketing budget. We adhere providing effective marketing with enhanced profits, consolidated tracking and reporting with advanced data enriched features. Adfusion is an all in one, entrusted solution for your Mobile Marketing needs.

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  • Email Marketing Trying to incline customers who have expressed their interest in your brands or products and have opted-in. We help your ads to be settled at your trusted content making visitors to act better with better approach. Adfusion also assists targeting your audience based on demographics and keywords, connect with quality users and prevents futile clicks by effective fraud detection system.

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  • Video Adfusion joins hands with clients with promising ROI enhancements, required engagement with video advertising both on mobile and online. The ads are rejuvenated in a way to be displayed to consumers depending on their interest and requirement. We also assist advertisers to gauge through the performance, impact and monetization from each Video campaigns.

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  • Social MediaWe look forward to support you in your engagement in real time and amplify your brand presence, using social media platforms intuitively. We realize the importance of Social Media and try it renders you best results aligned to your marketing strategies. We stay in tune with the current position of the your competitors and your marketing strategies.

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  • Click To callA device compatible, search based “click to call” advertising network which focuses on pushing phone calls into clicks. Result oriented stands in higher chance of conversion with the power of voice . A direct contact with consumer makes a wide set for cross-selling and up-selling.

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